In addition to the customary timepieces in the mechanical watchmaking industry, there are also some innovative timepieces that do not appear during the Geneva Watch Shop period each year. Some of them are imaginative in their plans, while others are full of ingenuity in their mechanical structures, often portraying the “ceiling board” of the advanced watchmaking industry. They are the sweat and blood of the watchmaking masters and the culmination of their superb martial arts.
Athens Watch – New Fantasy S Walker Watch
In the 2024 Geneva “Watch and Wonder” premium watch shop, the self made watch brand Ulysse Nardin has lost a brand new FREAK S NOMAD Odyssey S Walker watch. This watch looks like a wonderful spaceship and is equipped with a unique movement independently developed by the brand. It is a complex watch with an unconventional dial, hands, and crown.

Firstly, the successful operation of this watch “spacecraft” depends on the exquisite structure of the UN-251 movement produced by Athens Watch. This movement contains a total of 373 complete machines and 33 gemstones.
Its dual oscillators are equipped with silicon swing wheels, which are connected to each other through a straight differential to ensure more accurate timing. The appearance of the vertical mechanism is treated with DIAMonSIL diamond silicon crystal coating, which means that the surface of the silicon based machine is coated with artificial diamond coating to ensure its precise function and durability characteristics. The patented grinding machine automatic winding system of the Athens watch has a winding efficiency twice that of the conservative winding system, ensuring 72 hours of energy storage for the watch.
The all-new Fantasy S-Walker wristwatch goes against convention in terms of timing, instead of using the hour and minute hands commonly found in pointer watches to indicate time. Instead, it uses the flying Karosol, which rotates once an hour in the movement, to indicate the minute, while the hour is indicated by the non rotating hour hand on the hour dial below the movement.
It is worth noting that the hour dial under the Carousel movement of this watch is a culmination of advanced watchmaking and artistic craftsmanship in Athens.
The hour tray is decorated with exquisite diamond patterns using machine carving techniques and coated with sand dune colored CVD coating, resembling a continuous rise and fall of sand dunes. This handmade decoration technique was entirely handmade by the masters of Athens watch carving machines, using rose lathes originating from the 18th century.
It is reported that the master of Athens watchmaker carving an hour dial requires 240 consecutive operations in one go to draw curves without intricate interweaving, and the entire process takes up to three hours. In order to ensure smooth and coherent patterns, the master of machine carving must ensure that his hands cannot detach from the engraving machine during the three-hour process, and even cannot stand still for a moment.
The Athens Watch is a brand new Wonderful S-Walker wristwatch with a global limit of 99 pieces for sale. The reason why this watch was not available, according to the Athenian watch, is to create a sharp contrast through this long-standing decoration process and cutting-edge techniques of the movement and front material, showcasing the unique watchmaking ideal of Athenian watches.
Roger Dube King’s Series Double Flying Tourbillon Chaoyang Oriental Watch
During this exhibition, the high-end watchmaking brand Roger Dubuis lost four new tourbillon timepieces in one go, fully showcasing the brand’s most iconic complex mechanical structure and aesthetic style. Roger Duby’s tourbillon is highly recognizable, and its mirror polished cage shaped structure is very clever.
During this watch shop, the super watch series “Tuoyu” in the eyes of the sky, the king series “Double Flying Tuoyu” Chaoyang Oriental watch, the king series “Single Flying Tuoyu” titanium alloy watch, and the king series “Single Flying Tuoyu” the Year of the Loong limited quality watch are intended to strengthen Rogerdupi’s achievements in the complex efficacy of Tuoyu, and its unique hollowing out plan, returning to the root of the brand.
Among them, the King series of Double Flying Tourbillon Chaoyang Oriental Watch is designed to pay tribute to the brand founder, Teacher Roger Duby.
At present, in the watchmaking industry, only a few watchmakers are brave enough to refuse the extraordinary provocation of manufacturing tourbillons with complex functions. Even more rare are high-end watchmaking brands that independently develop their own tourbillon movements.
This tourbillon watch is equipped with an RD108SQ dual flying tourbillon movement consisting of 319 complete machines, which can provide 72 hours of energy storage. The double flying tourbillon is placed inside a hollow frame, allowing for a clear view of the exquisitely decorated appearance and revealing the dynamic beauty of pure aesthetics. Each complete piece of the watch is handmade and features 17 different decoration techniques.
At the same time, this watch is adorned with 108 sparkling and colorful gemstones, all of which are cut with ultra-high precision in a long path shape, and are sorted around the timepiece according to the sudden change in color of the morning glow, creating stunning consequences. Brilliant colors are also a major feature of Roger Duby watches.
King’s Series Double Flying Tourbillon Chaoyang Oriental Watch
At the beginning of 2024, Roger Dubi also lost the King Series Single Flying Tuo Flywheel the Year of the Loong limited quality wristwatch, which is composed of 27 rose gold pieces, decorated with black bright paint and rose gold, and inlaid at 25 different levels.
The brightness and darkness of the body, as well as the curvature of the beard, are all refined through repeated pulling and tapping. Longan Supplement Red Super LumiNova ™ Super luminous coating, making the divine dragon abstract even more majestic. Through the sapphire bottom cover on the back of the watch, another divine dragon painted with a metal coating complements the dragon on the front of the watch.
From the front and back of the dial, it can be seen that the dragon body and mechanical components are stacked and intertwined, like a pair of dragons playing with pearls, rolling and surging, revealing the powerful vitality of the hidden and taking off.
Roger Dube King Series Single Flying Flywheel the Year of the Loong Limited Quality Wristwatch
Lange Calendar Chronograph Energy Storage instigation Watch 18K Platinum
In 1999, the DATOGRAPH calendar chronograph wristwatch ushered in a new era of short-term quality control and complex functions with the newly developed movement and unique dial design by Lange.
This series of watches adopts the L951.1 movement independently developed by Lange Saxony Watch Factory, which may combine the guide wheel timing code with the fly back function, precise jump point dial, and exemplary Lange calendar performance, and cover the end of the brand’s next 13 refurbished movements with timing function.
To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the release of this front wheel drive chronograph, Lange lost a brand new large calendar chronograph energy storage instigation wristwatch in 18K platinum during the 2024 watch shop period. The case has a diameter of 41.0mm and a thickness of 13.1mm, with a limit of 125 pieces for sale.
This is also the first time that the series of watches has removed the blue dial style: the snow-white secondary dial, luminous hands, and bar shaped hour scale create a striking contrast with the elegant blue color.
This brand new large calendar timing energy storage instigator watch combines fly back installation, precise jump points dial, large calendar performance, and energy storage instigator.
The wearer only needs to press a button to fly back to installation and achieve three synchronized switching steps, allowing for quick and continuous measurement of quality for two periods of time, almost without advance. The stopping, zeroing, and re driving of the chronograph are all achieved in an instant.
This is a common benefit in the early aviation industry. When the intermediate second hand passes through the 60th second, it will instantly pull into one grid. “UP/DOWN” is located at 6 o’clock position, providing energy storage instigation, and does not show any remaining energy stored for 60 hours. At the end of the third day, when the pointer reaches the red section, it indicates that it has reached the time to chain the watch.
This masterpiece of micro mechanical art also features other conservative elements from Lange, including a bridge deck made of untreated German silver, hand engraved swing wheel clamps, a precise fine-tuning system with a combined gooseneck lever, and four gold sleeves fixed with blue steel screws.

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