Hong Kong fashion brand Bao Shilong is continuously advancing its transformation, with the latest move being to shift its positioning to a sports brand.
Zhang Zhi, President of Baoshilong Yanzheng, recently stated in a public sports event that Baoshilong will accelerate cooperation with its sports brand Bossini X fusion. He showed bossini X will add approximately 100 new stores in mainland China in 2024, with the aim of reaching a total of 150 stores by the end of the year. In Hong Kong, China, Bossini X estimates that there are 5 to 10 new stores.
Zhang Zhi also serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the Extraordinary Leading Group, the parent company of Bao Shilong. Feifan Lingyue holds shares in the Tiyu brand Li Ning, and in 2020, it acquired approximately 66.6% of the shares in Bao Shi Long for HKD 46.62 million through its controlling company Long Yue Growth Limited, becoming its largest shareholder. Business realization, extraordinary leader Yue Heshi Reform Fort Lion Dragon.

So there was bossini X. In mainland China, Bossini has abandoned its original title and fully launched Bossini X. For example, when searching for “Bao Shilong” on WeChat platforms and Weibo, the only corresponding civilian account is Bossini X. But in Hong Kong, there are still some stores that follow the title of Bossini X survives in a mainline situation.
Brew the Castle Lion Dragon into Bossini X. It was a test conducted by Li Ning at that time on his experience in exporting to the outside world. Bossini The first article after X, titled, is to announce the discontinuation of the co branded series with the trendy designer. In another article in September 2021, it stated that after joining Li Ning, Bossini X will capture young consumers as a Chinese fashion brand.
For Li Ning and Bao Lion Dragon, this approach was suitable for their growth needs at that time.
Li Ning also helped the street trend change its abstract form, making it a self created case for many Chinese clothing brands when they stopped transforming. After experiencing the hardships, Li Ning became more active in building a trendy industry, one of his actions being to bribe Bao Shilong through his controlling company, Feifan Lingyue, and to form a brand matrix.
Before being bribed by the extraordinary leader, Bao Shilong had already fallen into adversity. This brand, established in 1987, was once regarded as a high-end and representative Hong Kong well-known clothing symbol after joining the mainland. But since 2014, the cost of Bao Shilong has been continuously declining, and by 2018 it has not even suffered losses. It urgently needs Li Ning’s trendy resume to promote abstract changes.
The Castle Lion Dragon transforms into a boss The hope of X going on the tidal road soon faded away. In May 2022, Bossini X Lingbu posted an article on WeChat, stating that he has become a strategic mutual aid partner for the Chinese national self proclaimed team. Subsequently, as the number increased, the substance related to the tide within the vessel became less and less, and the core gradually shifted to the movement of riding words.
This is precisely the growth goal of the new round of brand reshaping of Bao Shilong, which is to shift its positioning from a street trend to a bicycle riding fashion brand. Zhang Zhi said that there are many large domestic brands in the current running and other sports track, and this is Bossini The reason for X’s decision is to choose a smaller racetrack. Not going to bossini The price for the X Qiyan top is about 200 yuan, while the waterproof and ventilated pants are around 300 yuan.
With the continuous hot trend of the Qiyan track, various sub brands are leading the Chinese market one after another.
Rapha, a British clothing brand, recently announced its participation in the Chinese mainland market and is currently selling its own cars offline through its dealer, Trick. Earlier, the German self proclaimed car brand ROSE announced its participation in China in June 2023. Brompton, a British folding self proclaimed car brand that has quickly become popular in recent years, is accelerating its expansion.
The racing track of Qiyan is rapidly increasing, but there are still large companies that have not yet emerged. Even though there are already some popular Qiyan clothing brands, most of them are positioned at the mid to high end, which is a good time for Bao Shilong, which has established a certain level of popularity and has a high price tag. Although Qiyan also has a demand for amateur equipment, the demand for Qiyan’s clothing is not high compared to suburban scenes. And this is also beneficial for the transformation of the Castle Lion Dragon, which has a background in casual clothing and accessories.
Furthermore, the relatively small overall market for Qiyan clothing and accessories is in line with the rapidly shrinking physical stores and sales of Bao Shilong. Although the scope of the trendy clothing and accessories market is larger, it requires higher exposure and more sales channels to sustain stable operations. For the castle lion dragon, which has been in a passive state for a long time, it is easy to be engulfed by complex tidal markets.
However, it is not an easy task for Bao Shilong to succeed in the field of Qiyan clothing and accessories, and the biggest challenge may be how to make consumers deny its positioning as an action Qiyan brand.
The reason why popular brands on the Qiyan racetrack have spread to the mid to high end positioning is because the popularity of Qiyan has established a kind of urban life abstraction that has been packaged and not taken away. This has led to many brands in the Qiyan race having to integrate their stores into the mid to high end market in order to establish their own survival costs.
Riding a self proclaimed bicycle does not require too much amateur equipment, it is Qiyan who needs amateur equipment. If they simply ride bicycles in urban and suburban scenes, consumers do not necessarily need the riding equipment of Bao Shilong. Simple daily clothing and accessories are not enough to meet their needs. In the more amateur realm of riding language, Bao Shilong may not necessarily be able to collaborate with mid to high end brands.
After all, amateur self proclaimed cars are already very expensive, so how many consumers who can afford to burden themselves will go to Sizhibao Lion Dragon?
And Bao Shilong once again rotated its positioning, showing no change in Li Ning’s business strategy. Under the impact of rising costs, insufficient popular products, and declining sound quality, Li Ning clearly cannot fail to realize that the tide road has gradually come to an end, and it is no longer practical for both domestic and external use. Under the trend of outdoor sports, it is inevitable to promote transformation.
From Lululemon, Hoka One, to Burton, many popular sports brands in recent years have led by segmenting their products and then expanding into the entire category. For Li Ning, who has a considerable physique, a turnaround requires a lot of capital to be mobilized. Stopping testing in a smaller category through a brand with a smaller scope is undoubtedly a more effective form.
If the brand that has been bought off is successful, the resume can possibly feed back the main brand, just like how Archaeopteryx is to Anta. This may be Li Ning’s most anticipated goal at the moment, with a current market value of HKD 51.43 billion, while ANTA Group is HKD 252.1 billion.

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