The transformation of a brand usually starts with changing its logo, and Taipingniao is no exception.
Recently, Taipingbird announced the third downgrade of its brand visual identity, replacing the original logo composed of English “PEACHBIRD” and flying bird patterns with a Chinese “Taipingbird” and “PEACHBIRD”. According to folk belief, the new logo does not reflect Taipingniao’s discrimination against Chinese identity, but also actively integrates with excellent domestic civilization.
Taipingniao has already posted its new logo action avatar on social media such as Weibo, but there have been no more related actions yet.
From the perspective of the logo plan, simply stopping the convergence of Chinese and English titles is neither sudden nor difficult to showcase the unique features of Taipingniao’s Chinese identity throughout the industry. For Taipingbird, which has already fallen into increasing adversity, the achievement does not lie in whether it can exaggerate the identity of Chinese brands.

According to the financial report, Taipingniao’s operating expenses in the first quarter of 2024 increased by 12.92% year-on-year to 1.806 billion yuan, with a return to parent net profit increase of 26.92% to 159 million yuan, and a non return to parent net profit increase of 3.922% to 108 million yuan. Even with a low base comparison in 2022, Taipingniao’s revenue in 2023 decreased by 9.41%.
Specifically, the setbacks in the business of Taipingniao Women’s Demolition and Lecho are the reasons that have affected Taipingniao’s achievements, while Taipingniao Men’s Demolition has become the largest brand in the entire company, surpassing Taipingniao Women’s Demolition since 2023. In the first quarter, Taipingniao’s male demolition expenses did not increase by 5.64%, while Taipingniao’s female demolition expenses and Lecho’s demolition expenses decreased by 12.98% and 37.5%, respectively.
The demand for clothing from male dismantling consumers is relatively stable, and the cooperation in the entire male dismantling mall is not as intense as that in the female dismantling mall. For Taipingniao male dismantling, which has already established a well-known reputation and established a large number of sales channels, as long as there is no major mistake in the operational strategy, the overall sales volume can basically maintain a relatively stable situation.
But female demolition is different.
Shooting: Kuangda
There are more brands in the women’s demolition mall, and they will be segmented according to different styles. Under the influence of regional differences and changing tides, it will not be an easy task for female dismantling brands to achieve long-term success and support stable business development. For some brands that rely on fixed style to support consumer loyalty, the scale of their business development will also be limited.
For example, Jiangnan civilians, during the six months ending December 31, 2023, their business expenses increased by 26% year-on-year to 2.976 billion yuan, relying on a relatively fixed urban detachment style. Although Taipingniao did not experience a decline in revenue, it still recorded 7.792 billion yuan in 2023, of which 3.601 billion yuan in the first half of the year.
The Taiping Bird Woman’s decision is to follow the tide and seek a path to fight against all potential audiences. In the years when Taipingniao’s achievements have rapidly increased, it has relied on accelerating the frequency of new listings, keeping up with popular trends, and expanding the number of SKUs to expand its undisclosed consumer interest scale as much as possible.
Shooting: Kuangda
But whether it’s male or female, the frequency of Taiping Bird’s popular products is no longer as high as before, and the strategy of investing a lot of money in marketing to boost sales is taking effect.
It was precisely at this moment that the flaw of Taipingniao’s lack of its own characteristics began to hide – it could not win popular titles, but also had no choice but to gain the attention of loyal consumers with its unique style. Moreover, the multiple incidents of suspected plagiarism have led to negative images of Taipingniao among the public, further affecting its process of establishing new abstractions.
Realizing its achievements, Taipingniao will start a new round of transformation in 2023, shifting its structural framework from the original business unit to the functional department. The goal is to achieve professional diffusion and governance of key businesses such as product development, wholesale operation, and supply chain. Changing the logo is the latest move.
However, overall, Taipingniao is still a trendy brand, and internal architecture integration may help it more efficiently manage key aspects such as delivery, logistics, and inventory, but it may not necessarily shape a unique abstraction that consumers will once again admire. Without sufficient and special abstraction, the Taiping Bird will always fall into a passive state during one tidal cycle after another.

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